How do I report suspected abuse?

Certain professionals are required by law to report suspected abuse: doctors, teachers, law enforcement officers, day care workers, pharmacists, and many others. It is not necessary to have proof, just reasonable suspicion. To report, contact your local Department of Human Resources or the Police Department. In a report, include the child’s name and location, parent names and addresses, your own name and organization, and clear details of the suspected abuse.

What can I do if my child was sexually abused?

Most often, children are sexually abused by someone they know (a relative or family friend) and they seldom lie about a matter so serious.

  • Many children are scared to tell their parents, so changes in behavior are the biggest indicator to watch for.
  • Your initial reaction is important. While upsetting, a reaction of support is invaluable.
  • Continuing as normal with extra support and time for the child is important. A child should not feel blamed for the situation, but supported.

What does the St. Clair’s Children Advocacy Center  do to help my child?